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Standing By Lyrics


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Oh-whoa-whoa… (x2)

I’ve counted the stars tonight
Oh how they shined so bright
I gathered them all so we perfectly align
While we gazed from far away
And separately watched the day
Come rising across the horizon and our minds

But now I know
My heart is strong
Where you belong
Is by my side
So will you hold
'Cause time is cold
But in your soul
I’m standing by

Oh-whoa-whoa… (x2)

I have waited a thousand years
And now that tomorrow’s here
I will shout from the mountain top
Our hearts belong near
And we’ve traveled land and sea
Our beacon, the love we keep
But when we unite this will all have been a dream

And now we know
Our hearts are strong
Where we belong
Is side by side
And so we’ll hold
Each other close
And in our souls
We’re standing by

Oh-whoa-whoa… (a bunch of times)

So we’ll hold
Each other close
And then we’ll know
We’re standing by

So… this is honestly my favorite song on the entire album now because to me it is very reminiscent of my favorite old Disney films like Pocahontas, Brother Bear and Lilo & Stitch especially with all the stuff that’s going on in the background (the ‘hey hey le le la’ stuff and Scott’s bass part sounds very Hawaiian and all around Pacific Islandish to me). I can tell this is also Avi’s favorite song because I know how much he loves folk music.

Just woke up because of the dogs barking and while trying to get back to sleep discovered all tracks for PTX Vol 3 are downloading from Amazon!

I didn’t belive amazon saying the release date for the UK was the 21st but seems it was true!

I may not get back to sleep until I’ve listened to it at least once! !

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